where WAS smart rooms located?

We were located at 134 N. 13th Street in University Towers (formerly the Stuart Building) in downtown Lincoln, NE. We are next door, directly south of the Rococo Theatre.

how do i purchase tickets?

Smart Rooms is currently closed. Reserving a session is done via our booking system on the website.

am i really locked in the room?

Yes, but in case of emergencies or if you are feeling like you need a breather, there is a "panic key" by our door that you may use at any time.

what are the physical limitations?

Our rooms are designed to accommodate all of our guests. At some points of the experience, there may be some slight ducking and bending required.

how early should i show up for my reservation?

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session time for a briefing. DOORS LOCK AND SESSIONS BEGIN AT STATED TIME.

what do i need to bring?

Bring your friends and your brain. We provide a secured lobby to store cell phones, coats, and personal belongings while you are in the escape room.

how old do i have to be?

We allow anyone of any age to join in the fun of Smart Rooms. However, persons under age 14 may participate as long as there is an adult (18+) with the group.

got any merch for sale?

Of course! Check out our online store HERE. We currently sell T-shirts with our original design.

is it hard? can we fail?

Our rooms are made to challenge the mind. The difficulty of the room depends on how well your group works together, communicates, and stays organized. The room requires multiple people or groups to be working on a myriad of clues and puzzles at the same time. If your group works well together, you have a great shot of escaping in time!